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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 11:31
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Nothing says "Vegas" like well lubricated reciprocating partsIt was engine day yesterday, wherein I attempted to chase down all the various small oil leaks. As suspected, the main culprit was the crank pulley seal, which was bad. To be honest, there are enough bad seals on this thing to start an aquatic mammal biker gang, but hopefully not for long, as I'm expecting replacement parts today.

In addition to the seal on the crank pulley, the shoulder surface where the seal is made was scored, which wasn't helping things. 

Note the grooves--those aren't supposed to be there.

Not only was it scored, but this was actually scoring on a sleeve job which was over previous scoring on the original pulley. Makes me wonder how many miles are actually on this motor...anyway, I ordered a new Speedi Sleeve, as there were absolutely none to be found in Las Vegas. Incidentally, I vote that the guy who invented the Speedi Sleeve should be knighted or sainted or given a Nobel Prize or something--those things are awesome. (For you Roadster geeks, the SKF part number is 99179 for the R16 motor crank pulley.)

Anyway, I should have the motor back together by the end of the week, or within a day of getting all the new parts, whichever comes first. In the mean time, suspension freshening continues apace, and that's going relatively well. 

Mostly de-crudified suspension bits

Hopefully painting/coating starts tomorrow, then I can start putting this thing back together.  Also, for the non-motorhead readers, I promise this blog will start being more about scenery and wine tasting and B&Bs and all that once I actually get out of the garage and underway. Until then, you'll have to endure a few more posts about greasy engine parts--my apologies in advance. 


#1 SJMike 2013-06-01 13:19
Your correct about the speedi sleeve saved my rear more then once.

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