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Saturday, 01 June 2013 11:31
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Ask for them by nameReassembly has begun...pretty much everything that needed freshening has been freshened, so now we start bolting things back on the car. If nothing else, all the major components are definitely a lot cleaner than they were when I started...unfortunately, my garage is definitely a lot dirtier. At least I know where all the crud went.

Apologies again to the non-mechanically inclined. We are still in full-on car geek mode, so the only news is car news at the moment. 

"Rebuilding your rear end" generally means something different in Las Vegas than how I'm using the term, but my rear end is doing just fine now, thank you.

Reassembled rear end getting ready to go back in the car. All tidied up. We're going for function, not beauty.

The front end is in equally good bushings, bearings, seals, and ball joints. (I'll skip the obligatory Vegas quip re: 'ball joints')

Completed front suspension and steering, minus the brake rotor.

All the custom parts necessary to fit the five speed transmission into the car are also done...the shift plate was milled out of a waterjet cut piece of 1/4" aluminum (thanks, Jamie!), and the mount is waterjet cut and welded 1/8" steel. We'll see how they work out. I will probably put the four speed back in after the trip, so I'm not too concerned about authenticity at the moment.

New interior shift plate with relocated hole on the right, new 25mm shorter transmission mount on the left. 
Well, mostly done. I still need to paint the shift plate and make a couple small modifications to it in order to get it to fit correctly on the transmission tunnel. The motor is also all back in one piece, with new gaskets and seals all around.

Assuming I got all the sealing and gasketing right, it should stay about this pretty.

So all things considered, not too bad. I'm a little behind schedule, but it should be pretty easy to catch up, barring any weird problems or issues.  


#1 Zippy67roadster 2013-06-01 12:18
Wow that rear end cleaned up nicely! I still haven't finished mine for the race car yet and it has been a few weeks ago that I started on it! You are making fast progress!
#2 admin 2013-06-01 23:34
Yeah, it was basically just dirty--mechanic ally, it was in good shape under all the crud. With any luck I'll be able to actually spin it sometime in the next couple days and see if my howling differential problem has gone away.

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