It Lives!

Thursday, 06 June 2013 00:31
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carbsHappiness is a motor that starts on the first try.

Got everything back together, put oil and water in it, and fired it up. Started right on the first bump; I don't think the starter even made a full revolution before it kicked off. I think it's eager to get started on the trip. 


A few more odds and ends to button up (as well as a quick trip to NYC tomorrow; back Saturday), and we'll be ready to go. I was shooting for a Monday departure, but I'm thinking it'll probably be more like Wednesday if all goes well. I have some 'life' stuff to take care of as well (like mail forwarding and whatnot), so that'll probably need a weekday or two to wrap up.


#1 Zippy67roadster 2013-06-06 07:10
I love when it jumps to life like it should! I am not having as much luck with the 67 truck project I am working on! i just replaced all the old ignition stuff with new and now it won't start! I have a friend coming in a week or so to put a new wiring harness in as this one has been hacked many times. Glad to hear you will be getting on the road shortly. Looking forward to seeing the country through you eyes!

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