Day 268: Home

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 15:30
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Back in the garage for some much-deserved rest.Back to where we started.

Two hundred and sixty eight days.
Forty eight states and seven provinces.
Thirty seven thousand eight hundred and fifty miles on the nose.

One badass little car. 

Welcome to Las Vegas

*There are still two more posts to come after this to catch up on the past couple of weeks (which I should finish up in the next day or two); I'll put those in the right chronological order as I finish them... this just seemed like a post that I should put up as it happened, which was about 15 minutes ago. We're home. 


+2 #1 Merv 2014-02-25 19:46
Scott, Congratulations on your sublime accomplishment. I won't embarrass you with too much rambling of my poetic prose here, but know that I am incredibly happy for you, happy you are out of the way of [many] deer, but not too shocked overall... remarkable people do remarkable things all the time, so I expect nothing less : )
So when's the victory lap? --Better yet, when's the sequel: "Scott travels aimlessly around... planet Earth"? Cheers! Always, Merv
#2 laceytrynn 2014-02-25 20:01
Welcome home Scott! I will really miss reading this blog, but we are all looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing about your adventures in person! What an amazing accomplishment. ..
#3 ddanjou 2014-02-25 20:15
Bravo. I remain in awe. Welcome home.
#4 FairladySPL 2014-02-26 04:28
Scott it remains my pleasure to have extended just the minor 0.0001% of the hospitality you have encountered along this journey.

Your storytelling along the way has been extraordinary, and all the more poignant for us, your audience, since so much of it was unexpected.

It's a bit of a let down, frankly, that the excursion is complete. As I posted a long time ago, I'm among the many who have been riding along vicariously with you.

But glad you now are home, safe & happy.

Best to you, always

+2 #5 Mom 2014-02-26 05:18
Welcome Home Scott !!! Thanks for sharing this trip. I loved traveling the USA with you.
#6 Mom 2014-02-26 05:22
Welcome Home to our " Little Red"
You were amazing all the way, now just relax a bit.
Even the deer was not enough to stop You !!! Way to go girl !!
#7 SJMike 2014-02-26 05:57
You are right it's one badass little car
, and you are a remarkable young man.
#8 Matt Thomas 2014-02-26 06:05
Amazing Scott!
Congratulations to you and your car!
#9 mcwirtz 2014-02-26 06:15
Congrats Scott! What a great journey and thank you for sharing it with us and with me! I am honored to have been one of your stops! Welcome home and don't forget us on your next journey! :)
#10 taospb 2014-02-26 06:41
We (that is Chance, Rio and me) still bask in the delight of our chance (leap at the chance!) meeting on the banks of the Rio Grande in Pilar, NM. As our separate, but universal human journeys continue to unfold, i do hope we will stay in touch!
+1 #11 Jennifer 2014-02-26 07:19
Yes Scott, welcome home. I imagine your thoughts to be very different than when you left. You must have been altered from this terrific modern day voyage. How will you incorporate it in your next moves? I do hope you keep us all in the loop... perhaps with a different sort of blog.
I do hope that coming home feels terrific and not dull... were you ready to finish the last lap? I know you are going to marvel us with another fantastic journey into something, somewhere soon enough. I look forward to hearing all about it. And to reiterate what others have said, thank you for bringing us along with you and that lovely red machine.
#12 Nicko 2014-02-26 08:52
Congrats to both road warriors and welcome home!
#13 lectacave 2014-02-26 10:23
Dear friend, what can I say that hasn't been said already here? I echo all of these superb sentiments. A truly marvelous feat. I have so enjoyed following you on your adventures and I've learned so much via your thoughtful posts. Here's to continuing the journey... May the spirit of adventure be with you always!
#14 Nell Diamond 2014-02-26 11:25
You did good. Welcome home.
#15 Satoru 2014-02-27 01:56
Welcome home!!
Achievement round of the America.
I think am very pleased to be able to return home safely.
For a long time, thank you for letting me entertain travel blog.
By all means,Please come to Japan.
I hope to see you soon!!
#16 jhump 2014-02-28 15:36
Scott, Thanks for sharing your trip. It was great to see all things you posted. I will miss the updates
#17 ladydriver 2014-03-01 02:04
I am not sure I use the correct words, but I try;

It will probably wean now you're home, back to a "normal" life without all the rush, adrenaline, nice people, good food, lovely scenery and you faithfull dog.

Love(d) your blog, pictures and all your adventures.

I would go to Japan, no second thoughts!

All the best from The Netherlands,

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