Dana Point to Disneyland

Monday, 17 June 2013 22:02
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At the ballgame More fun and sun in Southern California, on another short (60 mile) day.

I started the day out in Dana Point, which is incidentally the first place I ever saw or touched the Pacific Ocean. Back in 1990, I had recently moved to Las Vegas, and when we finally got a break from Siegfried & Roy production, I figured it was time to see the west coast. I picked Dana Point at random, since it seemed similar to the beach towns along the Jersey shore where I grew up, drove out there in my little Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup, and spent the next couple days on the beach. This trip up the west coast has been pretty similar thus far; lots of time at or near the beach.

The pier in San Clemente Lots of surfers, not too many waves Protecting and serving

After hanging out in San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano for the morning, I headed up the coast highway again toward my next stop, Anaheim. I ended up cutting back inland at Laguna Beach as the traffic was getting kind of ridiculous, and arrived in Anaheim late in the afternoon. Taking a suggestion from yesterday's comments from Dana and Tara, I got a ticket for the Angels vs. Mariners game that night.

At the stadium, a beautiful night for baseball Rock star parking

I did have a pretty cool moment parking the car--I pulled up, and the attendant said "Just because I like your car, I'm going to give you a Diamond Parking pass--just drive up to the stadium, and they'll show you where to go." So with that little bit of luck, I ended up parking right next to the ballpark.

Angel park was spotless, almost like it's run by Disney...

Also, for Tara's son, a little Mike Trout action:

Mike Trout at bat Leading off of third... Up on the big screen


#1 Mom 2013-06-19 03:58
VIP treatment @ the park..awesome
#2 Ferruccigirl 2013-06-19 09:39
So cool. Thanks for the pics. Anthony loved them. Have fun. Looking forward to the next blog.

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