And Now, A Brief Intermission

Monday, 05 August 2013 15:30
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Feel free to visit the lobby for popcorn and sodaWe interrupt this road trip for a short diversion to New Mexico...


I will be taking a break from the road trip for a few days to go down to Santa Fe and help shoot a movie, so there won't be any updates until probably 8/10 at the earliest (depending on how the shooting schedule goes). Since Seattle is pretty close to the end of the first leg of the trip (the 'up the west coast' part), it seems like a good time to do a brief recap of the current statistics:

Days on the road: 53
States visited: Five (counting NV)
Miles covered: 7,739
Gallons of gas used: 290
Average MPG: 26.7
Car issues: 2 (both fixed same day)

Hotels/B&Bs: 8
Airbnb stays: 8
Campsites: 7
Friends/Family couches:  4

Most of the hotels were right at the beginning of the trip; I've transitioned to mostly Airbnb or camping as it's a lot more fun (and less expensive).  My mileage figures may not be entirely correct either; I've got some disagreement between the odometer, the GPS, and the car tracking app, so I'm going to pick one and go with it when I get started again. The odometer isn't entirely accurate as the five speed speedo drive pinion isn't the right size, and the GPS and car tracking are only counting when I remember to turn them on, which isn't all the time. Still, it's somewhere in the 7,500 mile ballpark, which is more than I thought I'd do just up the west coast.




#1 lectacave 2013-08-06 10:28
You're, like, the coolest dude I know. Onward indeed and continued safe travels!
+1 #2 Mom 2013-08-06 12:34
And who is babysitting my little red grandchild???
#3 admin 2013-08-06 14:10
She's hanging out at the airport by herself, probably getting up to no good...
#4 sk8rchk 2013-08-07 07:43
After all of these fabulous pictures have you now expanded into the camera/film man role?
Or is it just the usual flying super heroes around?

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